The Call

The Call

Sunday, June 4, 2017

District Conference
The District Conference is always a great time to meet up with friends and missionaries that live in other cities.  This conference was really great as we had the Europe East Area President, President James Martino and his wife as well as our mission president and his wife.  We also had a special visitor from Salt Lake.  Sister Sharon Eubank, 1st C in the Relief Society General Presidency was on her first tour in that capacity.  She was delightful and knows her stuff.  This visit was dear for her as she once served a mission to Finland (right across the Baltic from us).  Our Estonian daughter, Silva, was asked to translate for her.  She was nervous, but she did great.  We got to visit with her right after.  Sister Allred gave her one of the Estonian flag hotpads that she makes for all the missionaries that serve in Estonia.  Look close, she is holding it in the picture.

Translating is hard work in Estonian

Sis. Eubank speaking at the adult session.

Sister Allred, Sister Eubank and Elder Allred

A Walk Along the Shore

The other day, we went for a walk along the beach in Pirita.  The sun was out but the wind was really trying hard to blow it away.  It was so soothing and relaxing (if you can mentally cancel out the wind in your mind).  The Baltic Sea is special.  It is warmer (relatively speaking) because it is like an inland sea.  Storms on the water are rare.  With its ebb and flow, it harmonizes with the culture and the land, always bringing new life and color that is always on display.

A view of the Tallinn skyline through the trees

Sea enchantment and peaceful thoughts

A sailboat riding away from the shimmering sun

It's Old Town Days in Tallinn

It's tourist season here now with 18+ hour days, the streets are starting to fill up with tourists from all over.  In Old Town, the craft vendors are out in force as well as many other attractions.  One of the them is a medieval sparring contest made up of people who enjoy reenactment battles from the old days.  Here is a short video I captured.

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